Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Advantages of Wearing NIQAB


I've got this from a facebook status so I think there is no wrong for me to share it here. This is for the girls who have been thinking of wearing niqab. Hope it can somewhat increased your enthusiasm for following the sunnah. Kalau ikhlas inshaallah dapat pahala oi.

Some advantages you can get by wearing niqab : 

✿ You get complete coverage by wearing niqab. You are also protected from any lustful stares. Unless you are that kind of niqabi who put false eyelashes and make up on their eyes so that everybody (especially man) will adore you as beautiful muslimah in niqab. Astaghfirullah.

✿ When other girls without hijab or even a hijabi but nowadays-kind-of-hijabi-who-wear-hijab-but-together-with-tight-clothes see you, it might trigger their thinking about improving their dress up style such as covering their hair and body properly (at least) because they will see that as something easier than niqab. So, it can be counted as dakwah gak la kan. Inshaallah.

✿ You can walk freely and feel liberated knowing that males can't look at you more than they supposed to and there's a limit with their interaction with you - and they know that. They will respect the limit, inshaallah. 

✿ You can encourage people to talk about Islam. When non muslim see an approachable and friendly niqabi it will welcome them into Islam. Or maybe can make the already-Muslim-but-not-practice-islam-as-their-way-of-life-kind of Muslim closer to Islam.

✿ No one will enjoy your beauty except you and others that are allowed to. 

✿ You can feel proud knowing that you are not being compared to other girls in terms of beauty. Nobody likes to be compared though. 

✿ It is easier to lower your gaze in a niqab. I think it is easier because your face is hidden so you feel like your eyes should be in conduct with your face.

✿ It teaches us about discipline and politeness. Can you imagine a niqabi talking with a loud voice, cursing and laughing hysterically? It doesn't look right. So you avoid it all together. Niqab also help protecting yourself from doing maksiat (such as going to concert with mixed-gender audience) and also help you jaga ikhtilat. (Taktau nak kata jaga ikhtilat dalam english apa hihi. takkan take care? oh my english!) 

✿ Nobody will adore your beauty as they can't see your face. It can help you avoid riya'. Alhamdulillah. Always bear in mind that riya' is one of small syirk (syirik kecil)

✿ You do it all for Allah swt! What could be better??


  1. such a sweet entry. even momoy ni byk kekurangan
    dear nak request entri boleh?
    boleh x buat entri encourage atau tips untuk x sengaja lengahkan waktu solat ?

    1. tq ecan. momoy baca berkali2 entry tu . try amalkan takut ada yang tertinggal dan bila momoy terleka