Saturday, 14 January 2017

Goodbye ecansenpai?


Gaiss...gaiss!!! Nak cerita nii. Walaupun dah lama menyepi lepastu macam tiba-tiba sangat kan nak update cerita pasal ni tapii seriouslah weh THIS IS SUCH A BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME I JUST HAVE TO RECORD THIS IN THIS BLOG!!

Siapa kat sini pernah tulis bukan-bukan dalam social media masa zaman dia belum matang lepastu end up terlupa password (sebab banyak sangat email account, contohnya) dan beberapa tahun kemudian bila dia dah mula waras dia teringat pasal benda bukan-bukan yang dia tulis dulu, malangnya, MALANGNYA K GAIS DIA DAH LUPA TERUS segala recovery account, segala safety question??

Then dia baca balik semua benda bukan-bukan yang dia pernah tulis dulu lalu rasa penyesalan datang menerpa dan malu tu amatlah keterlaluan like kenapa hang tulis semua ni dulu ecannn whyyy just whyyyy??? Kenapa letak nama? Kalau nak tulis apa pun at least JANGAN nama sendiri. Nama yang semua orang tau pulak tu. Ya Tuhanku. So sesiapa pun boleh senang-senang jumpa that craycrayy blog lalu membaca segala isi kandungan yang astaga sungguh memalukan itteww. Dan ya Tuhan, Ardika, my college mate, pernah cakap dia jumpa blog tu jugak dulu. Itu yang aku tau. Yang tak tau entah berapa ramai orang dah baca?

Astaga some more!

That blog was about my first love (if that's what they call that feeling -- i still dont know what is love actually huhu) whom I was so crazy about back in high school years. Sekarang ya lah rasa lawak, siap dah memaki hamun diri sendiri sebab tulis pasal semua tu dalam blog then boleh pula lupa password. Tapi masa dulu, masa tulis tu, yes, sangat feeling. Sangat sedih. He's the reason why another heartbreak(s) that came after didn't affect me so bad like when he did. The first was the worst. Not that because I loved him the most, but maybe because that's my first experience ever of liking someone that much and getting hurt pulak. I was just 17 back then.

Okay, back to the story. 

I've been trying to access to that account for months (or years?). I forgot what email I used for that blog coz I have so many emails (dapat kesan dan in control of 6 email accounts!), what more of the passwords, the recovery emails, and the safety questions. Semua lupa. It's been years kot. I wrote that blog when I was in a long break after SPM which is on January-February 2011. Means it was already four to five years when I started to track it down. 

Not only once that I ransacked my closet in hope to find any clue about the email and the password. I was searching like a note or any book that I think maybe I had jotted down anything like his I/C number, or any stupid password I had ever made back when I was so immature. I used to write a lot. I have few different buku conteng where I jotted so many things down. I hope I hope and I hope to find any clue. But I got none.

I tried to track it via recovery email, I tried to hentam any emails and passwords, but every efforts lead to no clue. Then I gave up. But on the next next semester break I will try everything all over again, dig in the same books just in hope of finding any clue. Still hoping. Still trying. Never really giving up (the content was too embarrassing I just cannot give up bhaha). But the answer was still no. 

Oh however, even though I didn't managed to get that craycrayy blog back when I tried for sooo many times, I did succeed to get back few of my old emails and that made me own my old Twitter account back, yeayy! That was two semester ago which was on last Ramadhan. All thanks to recovery emails.

Until this night, after hundreds of times trying, after few times I gave up but later found myself hentam-ing few emails and passwords again and again, try and try in hope that maybe I missed something the last time I tried, maybe I forgot something...try and tryy and finallyyyy! Alhamdulillah yeay! Thanks to recovery emails again (those who invent that THANK YOUUU FOR SAVING MY FACE!!!) I GOT BACK MY OLD-SUPER-EMBARRASSING-BLOG!

Sujud syukur terus lepastu. I swear. Legaaa. Terlalu legaaaa. Fuh. My reputation is secured. My future suddenly seems so bright again. Hehe.

Berbulan kot cuba macam-macam. 

I was considering of hiring professional hacker to hack and destroy that blog when I am rich in future. Selamat duit dan reputasi diriku. Fuh. Alhamdulillah.

I was thinking what if my haters (who knows if I were to be famous in future and have fans and haters) found that blog and use it to humiliate me? 

I was thinking what if my future pak mentua is a stalker just like my dad and he found that blog? Noooooooo. He may just laugh or tease me but still... noo.. (tak rela). Too embarrassing. No. No. No. 

Anyway, alhamdulillah, all the drama of hunting down my blog has finally ended tonight. Fuhh. I deleted that blog right away after I got it (after re-read everything again just for old times sake :') ). Tak bagi chance sehari pun dah.

And I also have deleted one email account that lead to the discovery of that blog. The email that I NEVER remember of having: "cikecanchan". Urgh. Seriousleeyhh dear seventeen years old me? 

So I am currently having five active email accounts. Sigh. Have to make sure they are no longer needed first before I delete few of them. 


I want to announce that this blog URL may be changed from:


ecansenpai is too embarrassing guys. I went to one big interview last month and the interviewers found this blog and I was like AHMAGADDDD!!! I screamed a bit and laughed (with them) and I even told them DO NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD so the other interviewee did not know about this. I malu guys :(

No, blog, no. I am not saying that you embarrassed me. Come on, we've been together for more than five years and I am so proud of you!! It is just that well, I chose this name pun sebab masa tu ecanfadhlina dah diambil (that old embarrassing blog lah) and I was crazy over Nanba senpai from Hana Kimi hahah so emm hence the name. And ecanfadhlina is like my official nickname. But no worries, even if your name has changed pun you're still the same old sweet friend of mine. And forever will be, inshaallah. 

But wait, will I lose all my blog post if I change my URL? Will it totally became a brand new blog? Or it will only make my followers lose track on me? Sesiapa tahu mohon share, ya. 

Thanks in advance. 

P/s: waiting for my grammar nazi friend to correct mine. Too lazy to recheck T_T

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  1. Assalamualaikum.
    Dear ecan, kalau tak nak hilang post disebabkan URL (oh yaa... nak tukar URL saja kan?)
    ni ada satu solution...
    ecan kena beli domain (dot com)..
    kalau dah ada domain tu boleh redirect ecansenpai.blogspot.com ke ecanfadhlina.com

    cuma kena keluar duit sikit. setahun dalam 40-70 ringgit gitu. =)