Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Some updates about my life

Assalamualaikum and hi

It's been ages since my last blog post, itu pun pasal Kazakhstan story. Not about me. I don't know if there's any of my blogger friends who still remember me, or is there anyone who's still even blogging?? I mean, it's already 2020! With Instagram around, which serves the same purpose of a blog -- except it is easier and more interactive -- I don't think anyone needs blog anymore, except for recipes hunting. No 'veteran/legend' blogger that I know back then, who's still actively blogging until now, even the famous honeykoyuki, Maria Elena, Irine Nadia, and even Vivy Yusof hasn't updated her blog for like monthsss already. Well, actually I didn't check recently, but last time I checked, everyone has moved on from blogging. Sedih sikit kan, but we have to move on. Buatpa stay if we can move on to something better.

My 2012-self would totally kicked my ass if she knew I've been spending my super duper extra free time watching movies and social media rotation, day and night, with zero accomplishment. I can still remember back in the days where I stayed up until so late at night, or the times when I forced my eyes to stay awake just so that I can update my blog. MY BLOG WAS MY EVERYTHING. This is my escape room. This is my tree house where I'd come to whenever I wanted to be alone. This is the place where I poured whatever in my head, and makes me feel like I always have someone to talk to. And sometimes I got replies too. This blog is amazing. It keeps me sane.

Now I have the free time of my life, I have fast WiFi at home, but I chose to totally abandoned my blog. Can't believe myself either. But as I said, we gotta move on. This is not about rajin malas dah, this is about minat dah bertukar.

So what am I doing here?

Saja. I'm just thinking, if, just if, there's anyone who's missing my writing. And I feel like kinda in debt with my blog, for not reporting any update, any big events that has happened in my life. Even though I've been abandoning my blog for quite a long time already, I still anggap her as my old bestfriend who deserves to know sikit sebanyak about my life now.

So, firstly, I have a permanent job now, guys! I'm working in Cyberjaya for more than a year already. Nothing related to journalism, even though I have graduated with a First Class Honour in Journalism back in 2017. I tried, but rezeki bukan dekat situ. It's okay, we plan, but Allah is the best planner kan. As long as it's halal, it pays well, and I can learn something, then it's enough. Even though this is not the job that I wanted at the first place, but it benefits me in many different ways. When times come, if needed, I will find another job, inshaallah.

Second, I am a married woman now! Hehe. Puan Ecan in the house yallz. Based on the counter on my husband's phone, we've been married for 66 days today. Baru dua bulan plus. So I guess you guys aren't that late to receive this news. Jangan ambik hati okay. Doakan kami dikurniakan kesabaran dan kebijaksanaan dalam melayari bahtera perkahwinan yang mencabar ni ya. We need your doa. Always.

Third, I have two nephews and one niece. They're my love, my everything. Penenang hati pendamai jiwa. Actually one of the reasons of this blogpost is that after I died, my family still can read my writing whenever they missed me. Zaid, Muaz and Izzah can read acik's writing, so they can kenal me more. Even though I know there's no way they can kenal me just by reading this blog, but at least they have something to read about me, at least they know some days in the past my warm fingers were dancing on this keyboard writing this entry for them to read whenever they missed me. Acik tak rela dilupakan! Haha. I hope they will appreciate this. Acik love Zaid, Muaz, Izzah and semua anak-anak saudara acik even yang belum wujud lagi pun, I love you guys already.

Or maybe if I have children nanti, my children might appreciate this. It's fun reading about ummi's early life, her first permanent job in Cyberjaya, while watching ummi now as one successful woman who have one big nice house that can fit everyone in the family to visit and sleep there, might as well has become a Hajjah which she has gotten from Hajj with tokmi and tokwan, and her siblings. She also has done her umrah with maktok and baba. Amiin amiin. Doakan saya ya.

In case any of those children things doesn't happen, in case I died in such young age, please doakan saya mati dalam husnul khatimah, Allah ampunkan dosa-dosa kecil dan besar saya, dan tempatkan saya dalam syurga firdaus bersama keluarga dan kawan-kawan saya.

And you guys can still read my old entries again and again, even though this blog has missing some big parts of my life, still, small piece of it has been written here. And forgive me for all those janji-janji nak buat entry pasal apa-apa yang aku sampai sudah tak buat. Mohon maaf sangat. Memang tak terbuat. Tak terasa nak tulis sangat dah dekat sini. Terima kasih sebab faham.

As usual, tolong doakan saya berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat. I need your prayers. Saya perlukan doa-doa dari anda semua.

Kalau ini entry yang terakhir, at least I got to say bye bye to all of you. Setiap kali orang baca dan komen, saya happy. So, a BIG THANK YOU for making me happy for all these years.

Sampai ketemu lagi, inshaallah.


  1. Congrats on your marriage Ecan. I do miss your writing.
    Sometimes it's good to move on kan, it's okay. Personally for me, blog will always be my fav. Sama lah kita keeping it for future reference in case saya lupa daratan..lol.
    Semoga kita semua mendapat husnul khatimah. Amin..

  2. Well done Acik !!! Please keep on writing.

  3. Trust me even dah 2020 still lagi ada orang blogging (like me hehehe) but yeah sadly I have to admit tak semeriah dulu. A lot of people have moved on to become successful instagrammers now lol. And same, saya pun dah tak seaktif dulu (the last time I was active idk 2015 i think?) but right now I'm trying to be active again (I mean, can you call post 3 bulan sekali as aktif though? hahaha!) Anyways, to me, writing is writing no matter what platform you use so don't force yourself. Anyways, salam ramadhan ^^