Tuesday, 23 September 2014

20 facts about me


Fine day Monday. In my opinion, today is the best day of the week. Why is that Dudley? Because I got no class on Monday wohoo!! So I decided to spend my time at library doing assignments and study. But suddenly plot twisted and I'm here blogging instead. Lol. And I blog about 20 facts about me like there's somebody outside there care enough to read. Should I put double Lol here? Lolol. Eh at least ayah akan baca okay. Ayah is my loyal silent reader. Thanks ayah I love you till jannah xoxo.

So, here it goes :

1) I'm a proud lefties. Cz I love the fact that I'm different than most people. Being different is cool. 

2) I love talking to animals especially cats. I be like "Assalamu'alaikum nyemon/anyau/uceng dll. Buatpa tu. Dah makan ke belom" every time I met kuceng. I know its kinda an awkward conversation when they just "weow weow" instead of answering my questions but thats okay. I believe they understand me. And they will make du'a for people who treats them well. Du'a from makhluk yang tak berdosa. Don't you think it's a very powerful medium to get pahala?

3) I'm better in writing than speaking. This is the reason why I blog instead of vlog.

4) I was a hurdle athlete. Sampai peringkat nogori ajo. Tapi bolehla buat bahan cerita kat orang nak menunjuk hebak. Padahal dapat no.6 wahahahaha. 

5) Mouth ulcers love me so much even though I tried so hard to get rid of them. They just seems like don't care. All they wants is be with me, especially when I'm stressed. How sweet is that. Awwh, I'm so touched I'm about to cry now just thinking of that. 

6) I walk faster when I'm tired. There's one kakak asked me "Ecan memang laju eh?" and I was like hah, apa yang laju? Then she said "Akak tengok Ecan laju. Jalan laju semua laju". Ohh.. I was so tired at that time. And jalan melenggang kangkung iz zooo tiringgzz thatz whyz I walkzz zoo fastzz.

7) My blog is my bae. Despite her very-tak-sedap name which was given by my 19y/old self, I still love her the way she is. :') #truelovedetected

8) I think about mati a lot. And my decision to take a very first step to hijrah is also because of remembering mati. I cannot imagine me myself alone in the grave kena seksa dengan malaikat yang sangat garang wajahnya. Huuu. Takut sangat-sangat. 

9) Oversleeping can fracture my motivation for the whole day. I'll be like "dah terlewat untuk segalanya....i'm giving up on my life...gosh...how I wish I can turn back time...I'm dying..."

10) Suck in relationship. Things might be different if we already married. Hmm whatever. 

11) I have big crush on Daniel Craig. Omg he's so darn sexy. Now it feels so wrong stating it here. People will judge "nikobis usha jantan!!". Well they forgot that I'm human too. "Tundukkan pandangannn!!". Ehem. Fyi James Bond had been released years ago before I even started to cover my aurah properly. Sekarang sumpah dah delete semua gambar dia dalam lappy and phone dan dah delete all James Bond movies. Suwer!

12) Last minute person. My brain and body work incredibly faster when it's nearer to the deadline. I should try to change that. Procrastination is the thief of time kan huu.

13) Coffee hates me.

14) I drive without shoes on.

15) Now I'm better in controlling anger. I was once a hot tempered person. I used to slap people in the face, kick one handsome boy's bebird WAHAHAHAHAH, step on one Indian boy's back with spike shoes on just because he throw pebbles at me, punch a boy's face just because he drop my chair, throw somebody's phone till it break into pieces, spray fire extinguisher inside prefect dorm and so many more. Future husband, beware!

16) I'm somewhere in between soo girly and soo gangster.

17) I hate explaining something repeatedly. I will easily get pissed off when people ask me to repeat and repeat and repeat what I'm saying. I feel like they are trying to make a fool of me.

18) I impress people with my 3579409677677898gb brain memory. I remember random meaningless things thoroughly. "Woi hang ingat lagi noh?? Aku sendiri dah lupa aku cerita kat hang masa kita form5 dulu yang adik aku muntah lepas makan KFC bla bla", kata Fithrah kepadaku dengan penuh kekaguman.

19) I'm boycotting Israeli products. No McD, Nestle, Maybelline and so on.

20) My wish : I really really reallyy hope that people can make du'a for me especially when I'm dead. Please pray to Allah to forgive all my sins. I'm really scared of being punished in grave and hell :'(

P/s : Entry written on Monday, published on Tuesday. Don't get confused.


  1. It ain't bad. Talking bout ur 20 facts of a sort.. Keep it up discovering about ur ownself. Hee

  2. just like me, suka nau cakap dengan kucing. hahahaha..kdg2 treat kucing manacam anak je. hahahaha

    1. Geram gila kan dgn yg jenis kita ckp dia weow weow. Eiii comel sgttt

  3. Silent reader : No comments

  4. Momoy x benci tucen. tp momoy x suka pegang2 belai sbb momoy alergi dgn sumtin yg berbulu

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