Thursday, 9 November 2017

Three Years Later


Back in September 2014, I entered UNISEL with the hope and determination to work hard for a first class honours because I really do not want to pay the RM30,000 PTPTN loan. The young naive me thought it is too much. Of course, right? It is RM30k! The biggest amount of money I ever owe to anyone during that time was only by hundreds. Where can I get RM30k? When will I finish settled the loan? The young naive Ecan panic thinking about the loan right after she decided to further her study in UNISEL.

Only now she realizes that it is totally acceptable to have that much loan to pay. You will have car loan, house loan and so on. So, the RM30k education loan is standard. In fact, other courses in other universities especially private uni costs a hell lot of money than my course in UNISEL. 

But now three years has passed. I just attended my convocation ceremony four days ago, and I am now in the process of preparing all the documents to be sent to PTPTN to convert my RM30k loan into scholarship.

Say whaaatt..?

Hey three years ago Ecan, congratulations, three years later, which is now, you are officially a proud UNISEL graduate with a first class honours. Not only that, surprisingly, you also got the Best Student Award of Bachelor in Communication (Hons) Journalism, alhamdulillah. Good job babe! 

Awhh I couldn't be prouder. *pat on the back*.

I could not say three years passed so fast, as the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. I suffered quite bad during these years. And when you're at the lowest point of your life, the heaviness, the burden you carry in your heart make life goes by so slow. Or at least it feels like it. Really....really...slow. You wonder when this suffering gonna end.

But it was not like I was counting the days to finish everything. I enjoyed the journey. Cherish the good times, and when the dark days came, I walk even more carefully so that I won't slipped. I remember grieving about the pain in my heart, praying it will heal fast in time. I remember saying that I could not wait to see what future has in store for me. But I do not remember feeling excited about leaving my university. I love UNISEL, really.

This is the place and the course I choose to study. This is where I spent three years of my life, experiencing life. Ups and downs, in love and heartbreak, Dean's Listed and not, healthy and sick, with companion and alone -- this place has witnessed everything I went through for the past three years.

I can say that I grew up (yall can see it too right? despite my blog link that I created six years ago -_- don't judge). All the pains trained me to be stronger, as I have no choice other than holding on. All the pains makes me appreciate the good times, and appreciate even the littlest thing in life. All the pains showed me how important it is to be good to everybody, because we do not know what they are facing at the moment. All the pains taught me to spread the love, because it is hard to survive when we feel like nobody cares. And all the pains taught me that some people just do not want to be helped, and it is okay to let them go.

Anyway, hey, I graduated, finally! The best feelings about this is witnessing all the tears, the pains and the struggles paid off. With a constant efforts and prayers, the care and supports from my loved ones, I made it. I hope you guys are proud of me.

So I finished another part of my life with flying colors. Next part is to secure a job. Welcome to adulthood, dear self. Now I need your prayers for my future undertakings. Doakan saya dapat kerja baik-baik dan Allah redha.

Oh, anyway, here's some tips that might help to score in university. (Click me!)



  1. Congrats sis grad dgn flying colors. Jom singgah blog https://gadistudungbunga.blogspot.my/

  2. congrats ecan ! i regret we are not in the same batch!

    1. Thank you again nik! :) :* Tu la. Lambat kenal. Kalau tak boleh at least ambik banyak kelas sesama. Anyway, all the best nik. Tak lama dah. Sabar and struggle ya 💪💪

  3. Tahniah ! Tahniah ! Tahniah ! WOW finally you make it. Very proud of you ... with the orange selendang